Friday, 3 April 2009

April Fool Camera by Kodak

Ladies & Gentlemen,
On April 1, Kodak made the biggest April Fool practical joke, by pretending they made an amazing breakthrough in camera technology. Its called the eyeCamera 4.1, and basically it lets you take a photo of exactly what you see, they even included an image stabilizer if you just had a couple of drinks! The steps to take a photo with the eyeCamera are just look, focus, zoom and snap. On they even said "In partnership with the Superman Corporation located in the Fortress of Solitude, we co-developed this amazing feature at a bargain price. But remember, even though you will be able to see through walls and closed doors you will not be able to walk through them."

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  1. That's funny, but no doubt a thing of the future.

    I want.